Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting – Day 2

It was a stormy night in Lindau. When I went to sleep, it was raining and I woke up at 6:00 am with the sounds of the rain. I thought we were very unlucky that all the week we would not be able to see the sunshine. But I guess we were very lucky that after 3 hours sun had smiled at us  and stayed there all day long.

At 9:00 am five of us (from Turkey) meet at the breakfast. Menu was very similar to what Dutch people have in the mornings; bread, bacon&salami, fruits etc. When we got the full energy, we went to registration desk again, to take our conference bags.

Inside the bright red bag we got participant directory 2013, Nobel Chemists (a photobook by Peter Badge), small plastic box for the memo cards, wooden cube game, and a notebook.

IMG_2066   IMG_2067

Then we had a couple of hours until the opening ceremony. After walking around a little and discovering the secret parts of Lindau, we got beers in a beautiful scene.

IMG_2076     IMG_2074


At 2:30 we were ready at the Inselhalle, the venue where most of the lectures will be held. We got the seats in front of where the nobel laureates will be sitting. And the opening ceremony started. You may notice that my hands were shaken 🙂

[youtube=]   (video will be available soon)

At the  end of the opening ceremony, all the participants went off to the city theatre for the concert of Wiener Philharmoniker Assembly. Before leaving the inselhalle, I had chance to chat with few laureates and autographed my autograph book that I have prepared for this meeting.

IMG_2102 IMG_2097 IMG_2099 IMG_2098 IMG_2100 IMG_2101

There was a small reception at the city theatre and we listened a great piece of chamber music. But it is very sad for us, Turkish people, that the capacity of the city theatre of Lindau is almost same with the opera house in Ankara. It was shame for me.



In the evening, three of us attended the American party that is organised by ,obviously, the American delegate. It was a beautiful night.



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