Eye-Sci from Scientific Reports

Last night I spent couple of hours on this game. It drove me mad but I loved it!

Nature Publishing Group’s open access journal, Scientific Reports,  started the Eye Sci project recently. You just need to write the scientist’s full name who made the discovery/invention/law in the cryptic images. There are 50 of them to work out until October 31, 2013. There are also amazing prizes:

  • 50 correct answers: Apple MacBook Air
  • 35+ correct answers: one of five Kindle Fire HDs
  • 25+ correct answers: one of 500 free Nature subscriptions

As a starter, first 15 goes very smooth. Some are obvious. There is a falling apple. A kite being struck by lightening. Others less so. There are at least three ‘Max’s. Then you need to use google and wikipedia. For me it is almost impossible to go further than 25. I already have a Nature subscription; so, FUCK! I have to do more than 35! I didn’t give up yet. So we will see..



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