Recycling is awesome!

In the beginning of March 2015, a new project appeared on the KickstarterRecycled Skateboard Slim Wallet. I found the project in its very early days.

The idea is very simple and as all other very simple ideas it is beautiful: get a broken skateboard, break it more (he he), stick the pieces together, shape it and varnish over. As you stick the pieces together do not forget to stick them in a way that hidden colours spring. And don’t forget to add a piece of bicycle wheel inner tube to hold the cards.


Each and every card holder is made by hand at Scene3’s shop, using leftover grip tape scraps to smooth the wood down to a nice finish. Once sanded down, the crew then applies a clear enamel that not only protects the wood, but also helps bring out the colours. Once the base of the card holder is complete, a recycled bicycle tube measuring one inch wide is used to hold your cards and cash in place. The brand sells each wallet with multiple tubes (just in case), and each tube provides enough flexibility to hold one or ten of your cards.

Jeff Gray, the inventor of the skateboard slim wallet, has a bike&skateboard shop in  Lynchburg, VA. As much as he do, I was expecting much more interest in these wallets since they look awesome. Nevertheless, 77 people together, we backed him to realise his idea. Just enough to pass the goal.

Last week I got a letter with the following beauty. I am using it daily with at least 6-8 cards and inner tube holds the cards together tight in a way that you feel the cards are secure. If price will go down a bit in the future, I would buy couple of more. But at the moment the price tag of 25$ is fair to have one. [Purchase yours]


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