Very recently ı discovered that there is a big section for Arduino at that I frequently buy toys-for-big-guys things. I ordered on May 5 and I received on May 16. Good delivery time for a free shipping. By the way I have no idea how dx can make free shipping worldwide. It’s not important how big your package is, it is free!


First thing I bought this time is a prototype shield v.5 with mini breadboard for Arduino. It is just 6.20$. Prototyping shield has male headers that perfectly fits to the top of arduino. Also the shape is the same with the arduino so when they come together, they look so compact. You can use the shield without breadboard but ı I preferred to stick to it. There is additional five GND and five 5V pins that makes life easy for some projects. They include 2 LEDs and a pushbutton. If you want to use them you should make the connections.

yigitaltay-458491341162768172_6011624 yigitaltay-458486478907467512_6011624


I saw the soil humidity sensor in the TED talk of Massimo Banzi. In that project they coupled it with ethernet shield and made a twitter account for the plant. When soil humidity decreased it tweets to say it is thirsty.  If you want to get data, it should in contact with the subject (soil, your hand etc.).

The last thing is the ultrasonic distance sensor. It does good job 2-450cm with a presicion of 5-6mm.  So it is quite good for its price 3.20$.

Now its time to play around.

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