Nobel Signatures

Maybe you know, I am a big fan of Moleskine notebooks.

But this small book, probably, will be my precious!

I have prepared this autograph book days before I went to Lindau.

Paul Crutzen did not show up and Hartmut Michel did not want to give his autograph.

I couldn’t meet with Aaron Ciechenover, Kurt W├╝rtrich and Harald Zur Hausen.

Silver pen is used.

You can see the book below, click to see in higher resolution ­čÖé


























Nobel Signatures Nobel Signatures2 Nobel Signatures3 Nobel Signatures4 Nobel Signatures5 Nobel Signatures6 Nobel Signatures7 Nobel Signatures8 Nobel Signatures9 Nobel Signatures10 Nobel Signatures11 Nobel Signatures12 Nobel Signatures13 Nobel Signatures14 Nobel Signatures15 Nobel Signatures17 Nobel Signatures18 Nobel Signatures16 Nobel Signatures19

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