Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting – Day 1

In the early I wake up early to make sure everything is okay about my trip. I arrived to the airport about 2.5 hours earlier than my first flight.



After a boring flight (fortunately it was 2.5 hours from İstanbul), safely arrived at Friedrichshafen Airport. It was the smallest airport I have ever seen. We left a sunny (actually burning) city behind and get a cold and rainy german weather. In two hours temperature dropped down about 20ºC.


The we make our way to Lindau with national railways “Deutsche Bahn”.  Since it was raining, the colors of the nature became brighter and brighter. And in our way, we saw pretty amazing buildings and amazed with the green fields. By the way I remembered that I forgot my lovely book “A Universe From Nothing” on the plane.

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After a 40 min journey with one change, we arrived at our hotel “Hotel The Medusa”. On the map it looks far from the train station but takes only 3 min by walking. Lindau is pretty small island.



And this is my view from old style window.


After I throw my luggages to my room, we went to registration. Nesrin Karabag (from Young Researcher Support and Academic Partner Relations department) welcomed us. I wouldn’t expect to be registered by a Turkish there 🙂 Nice to see her. We got a file which includes our badge, programme, vouchers, invitations and other stuff. It was very well prepared and everything that anyone can need was included.


But one thing really amazed me. They printed about 100 copies of business cards for us to exchange our contact details with other young researchers. Bravo!


The other thing that makes me happy is a reporter from Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, wanted to make an interview with me. I will be inform you about this interview too.

After registration, we took a little tour on the island, dine at a Turkish restaurant( 🙂 ) and headed back to our hotel. On our way we saw some of the nobel laureates started to come to island.




After a tiring day, now it is time for rest. It’s raining like cats and dogs outside.

See you tomorrow.


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